We are a distribution and trade company, we offer concentrated equipment of household appliances and industrial equipment HVACR.
We run multichannel retail and wholesale, to streamline order fulfillment we manage sales in several specialized online stores and B2B systems, available online for our partners.
In commercial activities we stand out for its high quality, operability and reliability. If you want to cooperate with a solid company in the distribution of goods, please contact us.
At the same time, in its activities we supporting the development of enterprises through:
Advice on entering the new offer on the Polish market
  •  Implementation of marketing strategy
  • Brand recognition
  • Build stable sales channels in:
    – Commercial networks,
    – Specialized retail outlets,
    –  Online sales
  • Selection of IT solutions and e-branding.
The strength of our support lies in the experience and knowledge gained by our experts, in the implementation of many projects – both in implementing innovative solutions for the Polish market and in participating in the reorganization of large companies.
We offer you personalized approach and comprehensive support from the moment of birth to the idea, because our main goal is to carry out each project in an effective and profitable way.
At the same time, we are building a strategy for entry into the new brand, through direct engagement, we engage in the interests of our partners and represent them in key business areas.